Hi folks,

My wife's computer will not reboot when the restart option is selected. She's running XP Pro SP 3.

I've checked out the Roxio CD creation issue and she doesn't use it - same with advanced power issues.

The computer does stop because you can see the Windows Shutting Down message but after the screen goes blank, the computer doesn't start back up. You have to power the computer down manually with the power button or switch and do a cold boot to get it back up.

Any help appreciated.

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What happens if she opens a cmd window and runs this:
shutdown -r -t 05

does exactly the same thing - the computer ends up with the display off but powered up - can't tell exactly what state it's in but it doesn't have a power switch in back so you either have to remove the power cord or hold the power button down until the computer goes off and then power up again.

Tried "Turn Off" and that works correctly - the computer turns all the way off.


I'm going to settle for a software issue, then.. the OS. It may take a windows Repair to rectify it, but first I would try running sfc /scannow from the cmd prompt... cross fingers.

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