I'm new to this site so I hope I'm posting in the right place....Anyway, I think...no I know I've caught a spyware or virus. I have a java come up in the middle of the window and if I try to close the window or the pop-up my whole computer freezes. It only does it on adelphia e-mail and playsite. I've checked virsus & spyware. They come up clean, no infections. I'm kind of a novice and don't know what else to do, but it's gotta go. Somebody please help me.

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Hi r_evans, welcome to DaniWeb :D

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Include Ewido in that list of suggestions, scan with it in Safe Mode (reboot and repeatedly press F8 as it's restarting) and allow it to fix whatever it finds; pay attention to where the log is saved so you can post it in your next reply.

Reboot normally when the Ewido scan is complete.

Then follow the guidelines in this thread:


Finally, close any open browser windows, Scan and Save Log with HJT, and post the log along with the Ewido log.

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