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New! Redesigned and streamlined installation.
New! Search Advisor warns you about unsafe pages displayed in search results.
New! Firewall Troubleshoot Wizard takes care of internet, printer or remote office (VPN) connectivity issues.
New! Performance Optimizer identifies resource heavy applications and suggests corrective actions.
New! Protection settings are adapted to your system’s processing power for safe and rapid PC operation.
New! Basic and intermediate users can customize the dashboard by adding shortcuts to their favorite sections or actions.
Improved! Smart Schedule analyses the system load to free-up resources for other processes you need, such as a media player or games.
Improved! Improved usability with typical (easy) vs custom tune-up options.
Improved! Select the interface that best matches your security needs and knowledge.

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Yes. Improved. Better than 2010. Actually better than 2010 beta which screwed my machine cuz it uses an old version of .net FW. Screwed my Visual Studio as well at the last time while I was performing tests and analysis for beta version. But 2010 Final release (still use it) is awesome. No Virus from 2 year in My machine. I manually update also. 2011 has added featured. Sometimes freeze but works kinda all right. Have to wait till the final is out. Yes beta versions are in Beta testing phase. Not free of runtime errors and may include static errors as well.


I've tested it, I like the blue on the interface! It seems that the second download is available. details on what's new

New! The Remote Parental Control enables you to remotely manage the Parental Control settings for each Windows Account on your PC. Enable Remote Parental Control on the PCs you want to restrict access and check the Parental Control option in your BitDefender account at http://myaccount.bitdefender.com (make sure you use your Beta BitDefender Account).
Improved! The BitDefender Home Network Management has been included in the beta 2 kit. You can manage BitDefender installed on other PCs in your network. The license keys provided in the Registration Test Cases on http://beta.bitdefender.com can be used on multiple PCs.
Improved! The performance level detection in the Performance Optimizer has been improved by adding information on the operating system requirements, the scan speed vs

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