Hello, new member here...looking for help in any form. I am trying to work with my mom and figure out what the problem with her computer is. It seems most of the trouble started with spybots and adware. She is running Win2K on a gateway PC. I have installed Microsofts Antispyware, AdAware SE and SpyBot search and destroy. I run them all, they find issues..I delete them....and then the problems return within hours if not minutes. The biggest problem right now is that I cannot execute hardly any program due to the (programs) .exe file gives an error as follows: (the "programs".exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is being created.) This happens on just about every executable file that I try to open, including the administration tools in the control panel so therefore I can not even see the logfiles, nor install a potential fix i.e. a register fix etc. I have seen the help offered on site after site, i have seen the hijack this info and logs etc. There is so much information out there I really do not know where to start, so I am going to start at the beginning with someone that will assist me and will provide the information they need when they ask for it. My mother is aging and is practically a shut in, she uses her computer to play games for entertainment and I caution her on her surfing habits, but no matter what she tries to do she gets loaded up on spyware and adware and endless pop ups. I am reasonably knowlegeable with pc basics, I connect to her PC via PCAnywhere and VNC and am able to help her along but the situation is getting out of hand and I now need to ask for some assistance from some pros. Thanks in advance and I (we) look very much forward to working with someone in these matters. Regards,
David and mom.

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Hi David (and mom), welcome to DaniWeb :D

I've moved your thread to the Virus forum because that seems to be your primary problem.

Follow the recommendations and instructions in the links below, and then post back with any remaining problems.

If you can get HijackThis and run it, that would be helpful.

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