My Compaq computer with Windows Vista Home Premium crashed last week because a virus killed off my hard drive and I have had to purchase a new computer. It is the same model and includes a free "trial" McAfee antivirus program. But I've heard that two antivirus programs should not be installed at the same time. Can anyone tell me if I can safely remove this "trial" McAfee antivirus program and download/install another antivirus program, such as AVG Anti-Virus Free, which would be far more affordable? I do not want to harm my new computer. Please help! All advice will be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Download the AV you want first (Avira, Avast, Comodo), then disconnect from the internet.
uninstall the trial and then restart the computer.
Install the new AV and reboot.
Re-connect to the net and update the virus database.
Run a full scan and away you go.


Thank you, crunchie, for your much needed advice. But it turns out that my McAfee Total Protection antivirus program is NOT a "trial" offer after all. It's a paid subscription and my new computer has Windows 7. I have a new problem now...I have no idea how to open McAfee Total Protection in order to run a scan. Any ideas? Please help if you can.


To be honest, you would still be better off without McAfee. It is a real system hog and you would be better off with one of those mentioned above.
Not having used McAfee, I do not know how it's menu's work.

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