I would appreciate if anyone could tell me how to prevent my hotmail email account from sending email messages about viagra to my email contacts. I have norton updated but it seems it did not detected anything.

I gotta say that the undesired sent emails are still stored under the SENT folder so it seems fairly likely that somehow my account got hacked. Nonetheless, luckily the password has not been changed because I can keep on logging in my hotmail account.

What should I do?

Should just changing the hotmail account's password from another computer do the trick? Should I also format the two computers from which I use this email account considering that norton has not detected any nasty software in order to make sure that this problem does not happen again?

Thanks in advance

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Changing your password is a start(from a clean computer). You may have a keylogger installed. I am not a virus expert but you should scan your computer for malware. In the mean time don't login to any websites (hotmail, bank accounts) for now.

Have a look at the readme's for this part of the forum Here.

- Let us know how it goes

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