Hello everyone. Lately I have had some really major problems with my computer that I haven't been able to fix.

Firstly, I got a virus that didn't allow me to go on the internet and everytime I started the computer, Nortons came up with a Virus Detected Screen. Funny thing is though that every time I started up, its always the same virus in the exact same location. To try and get on the internet I booted into safemode and got rid of some programs the virus/hacker downloaded onto my computer. (In safe mode, I am able to surf the internet.) When I restarted the computer, now it won't let me reboot into the standard mode. Can anyone please help. Any advice will be extremely appreciated. :-|

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Use this guide to clean up your machine. It starts with an array of virus scans, then goes through numerous in-depth spyware scans, and finally helps you clean up processes that are either security risks or bog your system down. You should be able to run all these tools from Safe Mode. Let me know if you have any success or if you need more assistance.

I scrolled down and saw all of the donwloads. What should I download? Everything, everything that's free, or everything I am able to? Or download a single program from each step?

Sorry if I am sounding a little idiotic.

It still isn't working even after all of that...

Should I post a Hijack This! log?

Its gotten even worse!

Someone had suggested I did a repair installation of xp. I did so and followed all the steps but when it asks to reboot, it has to go back into safe mode (the only mode available) and says something like Windows XP cannot install in safe mode. Your computer is now being restarted.

Every time I go into safemode it says this... even when the xp installation disc isn't in the drive.

Basically now I can't even go into safe mode or standard mode so my computer is useless (I am posting this from another computer for your information)

Anyone have any suggestions? Or should I just reformat the computer?

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