Hey. I'm trying to delete a file that's entitled sshook.dll and for some reason it just won't.
I had been trying to uninstall Trend Micro Anti-spyware program, and this is the only file that won't delete.
any help?

(i don't have hijack this nor will i dl it as this isn't my computer...hence my deleting this program >_>;)

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Give it a try. If the dll is loading even in Safe Mode, you may still not be able to delete it. If that's the case, try the following:

* Click on the "Run..." option under your Start menu, type "cmd" (omit the quotes) into the resulting "Open:" box, and hit enter.

* In the DOS box that opens, type the following command, and then hit Enter:

regsvr32 /u full path of filename

For example, if sshook.dll lives in your C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Tmas folder, the full command would be:

regsvr32 /u C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Tmas\sshook.dll

See if you can then delete the file (you might need to reboot before attempting the deletion.

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