:confused: I want to install MacAfee but don't want to be unprotected while uninstalling Norton first. Is there a safe way to do it as I don't want to get a virus etc. when one is off and the other isn't installed yet???

Thanks for any guidance!

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As long as your computer is not connected to the Internet and you do not use any floppy/CD-ROM discs in the time that you are "unprotected", you won't get infected.

1. Leave Norton installed and active until the moment you're ready to install McAfee.

2. Physically unplug the cable that connects your computer to the Internet.

3. Uninstall Norton; Install McAfee.

4. Reconnect your Internet/network cable.

5. Open McAfee and use its online update feature to make sure you have the most current virus definitions installed.

Thank you very much for your help!

I do appreciate it!


You're welcome roz, glad we could help :)

Why not get AVG Free, it is a free anti-virus program that works great.

A good point. If you're just looking for an anti-virus program (as opposed to an entire "Internet Security" package), AVG is very effective, and doesn't bog down your system in the way that Norton or McAfee can.

It's also free for personal use, and free is always good :mrgreen:

You can download AVG here.

Well, thank you so much but I had already purchased the whole McAfee Security system and successfully installed it with directions that I received on this forum and it worked great!

Have a great Thanksgiving all!


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