xp crashed and I found these files after reboot in my temp folder and cannot delete them. it says they are being used by another user or program.


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This particular forum may not be the right place for your question, as you've mentioned nothing related to virus/spyware/etc. infections.

Perflib files are generated by a number of programs/processes, and should be automatically deleted during a normal system shutdown. However, the files can become corrupt or orphaned by a system crash, possibly leaving them "stuck" on your computer. If you absolutely cannot delete them while booted into Window normally, reboot into Safe Mode (command prompt only) and delete them via DOS.

yeah I tried that already and the files weren't there. but everytime I reboot they are back? if I goto my processes there are three CLI.exe files running if I end them then those files disappear. I just want to make sure this isn't one of those new trojans out now.

I just want to make sure this isn't one of those new trojans out now.

Not that I know of; CLI.exe is part of the ATI Catalyst video card software.

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