Guys i'm using Microsoft Security Essentials as my Anti-virus software in Windows 7.It worked properly.But now from 2-3 days,when i log-in to windows it shows,my computer is unprotected and run a scan.But i have scheduled my scan on every sunday.Not daily.So i did a quick scan and then it's ok.But every time i logged to windows i have to do that.What's this issue??Plz help.(I saw these two viruses has removed by security essentials.Two worms,one trojan & one hack tool)

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It is very likely you have additonal infections on the computer, or your MSE has been damaged by the removed infections.

I would strongly advise that you follow all the steps given in our Read Me first sticky and then copy/paste all requested logs from that link back here. We will be most happy to offer additional assistance after seeing all the logs.


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