Running an XP os.
Tried everything. From running explorer.exe on run, deleting explorer and iexplorer on HKEY local machine (there's no explorer and iexplorer in there), checking the shell on winlogon on hkey local machine that the value is "explorer.exe", and starting in safe mode and running explorer.exe.

When i run explorer, the taskbar shows for a second then disappears again.
So what should I do? I have another XP os cd. Would reformatting help? But without losing any files of course.

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Please try this as well:

Please download ExWin.exe and run it.
-- Click "Extract" and it will extract the ExWin folder to C:\ExWin.
-- Please open that folder and run RunThis.bat.

If need be, command line to run it is C:\ExWin\RunThis.bat ENTER

Anyhoo, once it runs (3-5 minutes), a log will pop up. Please post that for us.
Also, reboot your computer afterwards and see if there is any improvement.

Cheers :)

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