Hi Dan,
PeterAV here.
I just had a new tower put in today.

Microsoft Windows 98SE

the tower is an
AMD Athlon[tm]XP 1500+
224.0MB RAM
After getting the setup done,I started to get a small card pop up
About puta!!.com and that it should be with the WIN.INI file.

I downloaded Real,Adobe Reader,and then tried to find the file,because the card kept poping up every time I had to start the computer up again after each time down loading the two programs.

I clicked on files and folders and saw Puta!! in the card,and the Windows C/ with it on a diferent line near the bottom.But no WIN.INI.

When I clicked on puta!! to find out what it was,The ugly AVG dude pops up on the screen with the word VIRUS.

I decided to deleat the file of Puta.!!.com.

But now,every time I start the computer up,the computer is looking for the Program.A card would pop up and read;

Cannot find the file puta!!.com [or one of its components]Make sure the path and the filename are correct & that all required libraries are available.

Then I would click OK.
When I clicked OK,another card pops up and reads;

Could not run or load Puta!!.com specified in WIN>INI file.Make sure the file exists on your computer or remove the reference to it in thebWIN.INI file.

I click on OK.Then the screen seems to be normal.I can go to sites fine.

When I deleted the puta!!.com file, it went to the waste basket.

How do I retreave the Puta !!.com file without getting the virus back?

Should I just go to the Waste basket and restore the Puta !!.com file?

I am a newby at the compter with large learning gaps.So please be a little more specific than you normally would,unless you are always particular.

Thank you,

You needn't get the file back.

Go file, open, and type in 'command'. At the window that appears, type in the following, exactly:

attrib C:\Windows\Win.ini -r -h -s

Now browse to C:\Windows in Explorer and open the Win.ini file. Look around for the offending program, delete it's reference, save the file, and restart.

Hope that helps,

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