I think I've been hit by a trojan or some other intruder! My mouse cursor is acting crazy, jumping all around my screen, leaving me frequently unable to control it for long periods. It likes to zip over to the right side of the screen -- where I can't see it -- and it often refuses to be dragged back to the screen area when it does this. :mad:

I run SpyBot and Adaware on pretty much a daily basis, but they're not detecting anything, even though I used the latest updated definitions.

I've noticed my Firefox browser is slower to open and I suspect that these 2 occurrences may be related.

Anyone have an idea what's going on here and how to stop it? Anyone else experienced this? :confused: :?:

Download hijackThis. Extract it to its own folder. Then run it and select. Do system scan and save log. Post the contents of the log that pops.

We will go from there, and see if it is indeed a "nasty".

hi i am new and did the scan and am wondering if anyone will reply to this? i have the log saved. please help!

Hi montieth69.

First of all- welcome to Daniweb :).

This thread is two years old so I doubt there will be any more dialogue in it :).

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