Hello! Since 3 days ago I have had this problem of ANY internet browser that is the default browser opening up on its own on my laptop. However, It opens so fast I can't use the computer anymore. As soon as I log in to my computer, there are already atleast 10 browser pages trying to load the same home screen, and an additional 1-5 browsers pop up every second! This happens to which ever browser I pick as a default one.

I have tried system restore with no luck. I have even tried a factory reset with no luck as well. The only solution I have to stopping the pages from opening is to shut down the explorer.exe process. It took me around 30 minutes to try to install another browser, and all that happens is it starts to just put more pages.

I updated my malwarebytes and Avast! antivirus and did full scans, with nothing reported. If anyone has any tips for me I would really appreciate it! Thank you!

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Install Google chrome on your system and set it as default browser. You can also disable IE on your computer as: Go to Control Panel-> Add/Remove Programs. In the left side you you need to click on Add/Remove Windows components and select internet explorer to disable.

Johhny I am not sure you even took a glance on my problem, I have stated that It doesn't matter what browser I use, they all have the same problem.

So, there are other anti-malware products you can use. Me personnally, when I come accross these types of nasty malware, I just prefer wiping the PC and reinstalling the OS. You really dont know if all of the malware is removed. You have to trust what the anti-malware app is reporting and as you may have experienced, some apps find malware, while others dont.

What i would recommend is that you setup the computer with the basic apps that you need. Keep your data in a different partition. Then take an "image" of the system drive. A lot of products out there for imaging. In the event of a issue, restore from this "gold" image, which contains all of your typical apps. Data is on its seperate partition so you dont have to do anything there.


Could this be a keyboard issue ?

By your question I suppose that only DEFAULT browser does this thing, so maybe, there is a problem with your keys which are making default browser open and open several same pages. If it were to be a virus/malware, I think it may redirect you to another page, but its redirecting to same home page, so may be this is a keyboard issue.

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