I am running Windows XP on an e-machine. My internet connection is through an ethneret cable, the issue is that if I boot up the computer with the internet on, it runs for about two minutes and then it freezes/does not allow programs to run. If the internet is not plugged in when the computer is booted up, everything on the computer runs fine and there are no issues. If I boot up the computer without internet and then plug in the ethernet cable, the computer freezes and programs cannot be run(i.e word, card games, my documents). Any suggestions or thoughts to what the problem may be?

I'd start by booting into Windows Safe Mode. I would unintsall the ethernet device from Device Mananger. Let Windows rescan for hardware and reinstall the device. Then, update the device driver if needed.

While I'm in safe mode, I would also run a scan for malware just to rule out any possible issues being introduced by unwanted software on your computer. Try malwarebytes. its free and generally effective.

It will happen, whnen you boot your windows unplug your internet and when windows installed then attached cable again it will work fine.

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