could somebody plz post a link to a program that will remove norton

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none of those worked and i dont want to pick through the registry w/ those directions

What version do you have? You went though them all pretty quickly.

im pretty sure i have the 2005 version because the .exe removal a total of like 4 files

i was wondering could you list the norton processes so i can end them and delete the dlls and exes

if i did this and ran ccleaner would it delete the leftover registry

and i have Mozilla and Ie doesnt work because of norton i cant use the other page

it says that norton applications or similar programs were running but i dont know which processes belong to norton and which dont

nevermind i manually deleted the files i could and then ran it and now my computer is working better than ever

You could have started your pc in safe mode .. anyways marking the thread as solved.

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