i'm having problems running a .exe file downloaded thru IE (a poker program to be exact).

The error message i get is [program].exe is not a valid Win32 application.

I've asked the poker support people for some help but they're as much use as a chocolate teapot....

Can anyone guide me in the right direction? I have had problems with malware recently (popups etc) but appears to be fixed. This win32 problem still exists though.

Help appreciated.


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Virus perhaps? Lets find out.

Please download HJT HERE. Please run it, and select Do system scan only, then post the log that pops up. Uding that we will see if you are infected.

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Virus perhaps? Lets find out.

Please download HJT HERE. Please run it, and select Do system scan only, then post the log that pops up. Uding that we will see if you are infected.

If the downloaded program is the only .exe that gives you the error, the 3 most common reasons for that would be:

1. The download got corrupted.
2. The downloaded file is not compatible with your version of Windows.
3. The downloaded file is malicious.

Hi! Every time I pop in a CD or DVD in my new Lite-On DVDRW LH-20A1H LLOC with Lightscribe drive, the message "not a valid win32 application" is displayed. This happens with any CD or DVD that work fine in other PCs (wiht the same Windows XP Prof Ed as mine).

This DVDRW drive came with a bundled Nero 7.7 software, which I installed (thinking it was the best match for this drive). It refused to burn multi-session CD's or DVD's, and could not read the CDs or DVDs it burned. I also got the overly redundant message "advrcntr2.dll not found" (though the file was there and was NOT corrupted).

I uninstalled Nero 7.7, then "downgraded" my old Nero to 6.6.08 which worked fine in the past. For about 2-3 weeks, this Nero version worked fine. One day, it refused to continue multi-session discs, then later insisted those discs had I/O device errors (though those discs worked fine in other PCs). Then the drive began to not read any discs it burned. Then it began to display "advrcntr2.dll not found" every time I open a folder with any video or audio files. Nero advised me to run their General Cleaner tool and Registry Fix, which I did. I also defragmented my 2 hard disks twice. The dll error stopped, but now I could not re-install Nero or any other program.

Then the drive stopped reading any CD or DVD's altogether. Every time I pop in any CD or DVD, the error message "not a valid win32 application" is displayed.

I checked for viruses and worms (even Sub7), and my PC has turned up clean. I re-installed WinXP from boot-up (since even the Windows installation disk could not be recognized and the "not a valid win32 application" error comes up too). No CD or DVD can still be read. I defragmented my disks again and again, ran registry fix, ran HJT, etc and re-installed Windows one more time. I also saved the registry fix 5 recommended on this page. Still no change. I ran chkdsk many times, but only the /r option was accepted. It kept saying that the /p option was not valid. Still no change.

I am at my wits' end. :??: I have tried every single suggestion in every link I found on the net regarding this error message, and still no solution. :cry: Please, can you help me out?

Thanks very much.

Hi Soleil.Lune.

First of all- welcome to Daniweb :).

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