I can't seem to be able to remove a rotten adware called keep now.... i can't even find the location of it and I see it on all my browsers. anyone know how to remove this? It shows up on all sites that i go to, including this one...

This site has a step by step guide. I havent tried this myself, but just providing it in case you havent tried this process.


If I can recommend a different approach after you resolve this issue...

Set up a clean installation Windows, install the latest service pack and security patches, then image your computer. Keep your data on a different partitioin.

Keep the OS image handy. In the event of a bad virus/malware infection, just reapply this image. The process should take less than an hour and it restores your OS back to a clean running known state.

When it comes to these malware/viruses, trying to remove them on your own manually or even with a "cleaner" doesnt guarantee anything. You are placing your trust in these free cleaners and you skills to ensure that the malware was completely removed and that you were successfull in repairing any files that were damaged. With the image backup/restore appraoch, you dont have to worry about that.

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