I'm just curios.

Lets a say a person downloaded a trojan by mistake and the trojan gives a attacker commands and control to control the PC. If that happens a user can unplug the PC and pull out the hard drive to connect it to another desktop and format the hard drive so the attacker won't have access to the old OS they had access to.

User can put the hard drive back and then format the computer from beginning, but I think the attacker might have already know the users IP and other information.

What is your opinion?

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  1. Plugging the drive into another computer may infect that one also, especially if it is also running a Windows OS.
  2. Yes, they may have your IP address, but if you are using DHCP, that will change when you reinstall the operating system.
  3. Once infected, change all user IDs and passwords when you restore your system.
  4. A lot of modern malware will also infect your recovery partition and/or boot sector, and/or your BIOS. So, do this as well:

    a. wipe your drive with a Linux system - you can boot a Linux Live CD/DVD to do that. Wipe the ENTIRE disc, including boot sector.
    b. reflash your BIOS.
    c. install Linux - it is much more secure from malware than Windows and Apple systems.

One other thing is to make sure you have disabled remote management of your router/firewall, and change its password as well (after disabling remote management), and CLOSE all forwarded ports you may have opened on your router in order to run games and such.


and oh, make sure to do all that while you're not connected to any network, including the internet.
Physically unplug network cables and turn off WiFi hotspots.


^switching from Win to Lin is a hastle in itself...
you're better off sticking to win and upgrading your security.
I use Comodo Firewall and Dragon with Avast.

Avast - everyone knows what that does :P
Firewall - notifies you about a process or possibly harmful action and haults it as it starts.
Dragon - Chrome with Actual Security and Malware protection which runs on Comodo's DNS.

their DNS blocks harmful content before it even reaches the browser. ;)

anyways, back on topic...

I've let my friend infect me with a RAT before which gives him full control over my compy...
(about as choppy as plugging in a 2nd keyboard/mouse)

all you have to do there is terminate the process the RAT is running on.
(it'll short-circuit his end with an "error 404")
^he can't connect unless the host process is running.

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