hello I was wondering if I could be helped. My moms computer has caught the sasser virus isass.exe an invalid parameter was passed by a function or something along those lines at start up of her computer she runs windows xp profesional. I tried booting it into safemode and i get the same error.

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hello thanks for the reply however the problem persists that the computer is virtually usless i cant boot it up or else i get the same error. Also when i tried to get into safemode the same error occured so i was wondering If i was to just format the harddrive and reinstall the operating system would that do the trick and get ride of the sausser virus?

It would get rid of the virus, but reformating your computer is a pretty drastic step to take just to get rid of one virus. Before taking such a step, is all important information from the computer backed up? If not, it would all be lost when the computer is reformated. Is there any anti-virus software on the computer that can be run?

instal Bitdefender Internet Security and uptade it

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