:eek: I closed my interbrowser (IE :rolleyes: ) and then my pc rebooted and will not do anything else. I can not even boot into safe mode, it just reboots. HELP!!!!! :o I am runing WP sp2 HP 1.9 Intel

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Can you start up the computer or does it immediately shut back down after you start it up. If you can, Download HJT from here and extract the file to it own folder such as C:/HJT. Run the program and do a system scan. When its finished click on save log. It will open a notpad file, copy and paste the contents into you next post. Thank you.


All it will do is reboot. I tryed to reboot in SAFE MODE but it just reboots. It does log the files that are opening but stop when it gets to my IOMEGA drive. ( Never happened before). I've tryed to boot off my floopy and the CD but no success.


Im not sure how to fix this. Try posting another thread cant start up computer or something similar and see if you get any replies if you dont have anything important on the computer you should consider a complete system restore. (See below)

Do a complete system restore. Find the Disk your computer came with it should be labeled system restore. Turn off your computer put the disk in and turn it back on it willl run through some steps and reboot or ask you to insert the second disk if you have two. once its done your computer will be back to the way it was when you first bought it. WARNING--doing this will cause you to lose all programs added since you bought the computer.

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