My 13 year old son has his own computer with norton and parental controls on it. I have tested it and you can't get into porn web sites.
However if you google, for example; naked girls; porn ;...
you can get jpegs. I have checked his history and gone to the sites and there is nothing hard core. Is there a way to block certain words in the google search. Norton has nothing to block a search but does restrict porn sites.
Thank you

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Just use norton to block the following site.
Its Google Images which is were i assume you can get the jpegs.
It wont block google just the image part.

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Google does have a "SafeSearch" feature which automatically filters out that sorta stuff. However, it's something that can be enabled or disabled at a click from within your Google preferences. I don't believe there's a way to set parental control to make sure only searches with SafeSearch can be run.

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