Hello. Quite suddenly, a rather normal, albeit slow, computer decided to start posting a message box upon signing in to the computer with: Explorer.EXE-Application Error in it. It adds: The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000006). Click on OK to terminate the application.

When I go to the Windows Task manager it states that no applications are running and I can not access any programs, shortcuts, or even the desktop.

Any thoughts on how to fix this problem? I think the solution might be to reinstall XP, but I'm reluctant to do this as this computer has regrettably not been backed up in quite some time, so we'll lose lots of data.

Any thoughts on how to save the data and get this computer working?

also an error message's khalmnpr.exe and appdata down error message how do I remove :!:


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You Cut-N-Pasted the majority of your post from another member's post. Does this mean that you are having exactly the same problem? If not, please post the specific symptoms and error codes that you are experiencing.

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