Hello. Quite suddenly, a rather normal, albeit slow, computer decided to start posting a message box upon signing in to the computer with: Explorer.EXE-Application Error in it. It adds: The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000006). Click on OK to terminate the application.

When I go to the Windows Task manager it states that no applications are running and I can not access any programs, shortcuts, or even the desktop.

Any thoughts on how to fix this problem? I think the solution might be to reinstall XP, but I'm reluctant to do this as this computer has regrettably not been backed up in quite some time, so we'll lose lots of data.

Any thoughts on how to save the data and get this computer working?



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Go in safe mode. Bring the task manager up. Click file/new task. Run msconfig. Click Launch System Restore.

Using the same method(file/new task in the task manager) you could run different applications including internet explorer: iexplore or your cd burning program to backup your data.

You can have your desktop again by clicking new task in task manager and typing explorer in it and then clicking ok. Then you can backup your system and reinstall XP. Tell us if this doesn't work.

nanosani, thanks but when I tried your approach, I received the exact same error message as before and as a result I can't do anything at all.

gemini4 thanks I'll try an run safe mode (once I figure it out!) and then try to figure out how to run the CD program to back up my data (once I figure that out!).

Anyone have any idea what caused this? I don't think it's a virus.

And what happens when you can't restart your computer in safe mode? I've hit F8 before start up and it does nothing!

I just tried to restart in safe mode, typing in Msconfig in the run section, and now the computer keeps starting up and then shutting down over and over again when Windows XP starts to run. Any suggestions?

Paralel installation. Backup your data and then full format.

I also get the same thing when I try to start windows XP it tells me Explorer.exe - Application error The aplication failed to intialize. When I try to press CTRL + ALT + DEL I tells me that the administrator doesnt allow me to access that. I then let it sit a while and somehow am able to get the task manager to come up and I try to run programs from the task manager but they will not run. I look at many programs in the details list and many do not look like they have programs associated with them... like something isnt right. Please help!!!!

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