No problem, it was fun to solve your computer troubles and answer your questions.

Hi Kyle,

Over the past seven days, I was satisfied with the Ewido programme, and I then went ahead and purchased the programme. Since then I had a few hiccups. And it was interesting to note that the problem with the Resident Shield turning off, appears to be a common problem and they are still in the process of trying to clear that problem. Also I had another problem where My Registry Cleaner has been gobbled up by ewido. It normally appears on my taskbar on opening, and if I don't do a scan immediately, and let it go for awhile, then one minute the Registry icon is on the taskbar and then later on it disappears completely. When you click it ON from the SHORTCUTS, it says that it's running, but the ewido programme has taken it over and I can't do a registry scan. Ewido also said that they are trying to overcome that symptom.

Anyway, what this email is all about, is ascertaining from you how you are finding the programme. Once these little hiccups are sorted out, I guess it will run normal.

Thanks again.


The Ewido You have is the latest version and has not had all the bugs worked out of it. The resident sheild problem and the registry cleaner problem are probably caused by something in the programing with ewido. Just make sure to keep updating Ewido and everything should work itself out soon.

Thanks Kyle,

I appreciate your encouragement.


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