:!: hi my name is carl.. i dont know how to remove spyware and adware from my brother's pc..

#popups keep in popin' out,

#a microsoft installer,, something about installing microsoft front page popsup every tym i run a program,

#i cant disable my internet connection, ive read it from a spyware remover, something prevents me form disconnecting it.

i have installed spybot search and destroy.. i thought its fixed but its not..

Can someone help me here.. if i cant fix this ill re-install my OS so it'll be thoroughly cleaned.. the only problem is ill have to search for my hardwares drivers again.. argh!!

Pardon my french.. help me please.. thanks..

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First, install a Pop up blocker, your best one would be to download http://pack.google.com, install the google tool bar with pop up blocker, and then install Adaware and run it...
then search the web for Spybot S&D run that as well....
best advice before hand is go to your browser setttings and clear ALL cookies, History and temp files.

I would also recommend doing a Clean Disc function before running the tools. This will minimize the time it takes to run.


Thanks for the help .. im doing it now.. hope it'll work.. ill post later this evening.. its 2:30 am here and i have an exam at 8 am.. got to sleep :p .. thanks alot..

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