I've recently had my arse saved by you kind folks... okay, it was only my computer, but sometimes it's hard to tell them apart. :lol:

Anyhoo, I've taken the advice top install some very helpful security programs, but now I'm sure I'm operating with one or more unnecessary redundancies. I'm hoping someone can give me suggestions on which ones to get rid of and which ones to keep and maybe which new ones, if any, to get.

Ewido (free trial--should I buy?)
Outpost Firewall
AVG Free (should I pay for upgrade?)
Norton Internet Security
Norton Anti-virus (protection expired and disabled-- should I renew?)
Windows Firewall (Disabled)
Windows Defender

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In general, you can (and should) have at least a couple of decent antispyware programs installed and monitoring your system, but you shold not try running more than one antivirus or firewall program; conflicts will occur if your do.

Given that, and the programs you have, I'd recommend:

* Uninstall the Norton firewall and antivirus packages.
* Antivirus: AVG Free (there's no reason for you to buy the retail version)
* Firewall: Outpost
* Antispyware:
- Ewido (buying the full version will let you continue using its real-time protection and automatic updating features. If you're going to actually pay for the full version of an antispyware program, ewido would be a good choice)
- Keep Windows Defender.

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