Greetings, once again. Last time my problem was unable to be resolved, and I'm back once again. It's the Spyquakeware stuff I believe, and I'm still unable to resolve it. Last time Tayspen was very patient and tried to help me, at which time he told me to look for a second opinion. I noticed 'Stein is back, and well, now I'm looking.


There is an icon with the words "Virus Alert!" in the bottom right of my task bar, that has a miniture popup which looks like this. When I click it, it brings me to spyquakeware or whatever.


If you could provide me with the links to all the programs and if either one of you have useful advice, I could really use it. I really don't know what to do, Spybot S+D doesn't pick it up, which I was told was the best spyware hunter out there. Please, if anybody whos knows a good amount could help, I'd greatly appreciate it. I've tried a few other websites and nobody seemed to have anything that helped. I had a problem in the past and this site helped me then, so I find this most reliable. Thanks :D

We need someplace to start, so please post fresh HijackThis and Ewido logs. Also get Silent Runners ( and post the log from that as well.

Hmm, I ran Windows Live One Care and the annoying icon seems to be gone, I'm sorry to bother. Thanks anyway :-)

I do have one other problem, which might be directed to another thread, and if it is, could someone please point me there? When I hold down left and right click on my HP Wireless Laser Mouse, after 20 seconds the mouse turns off and the action locks, and it keeps going as if I was still pressing it, and i have to right click for it to stop. I've googled for about an hour and no sites seem to have this problem. If any of you have a solution, or the right thread to point me to if there is one, that'd be great. It might even be a feature of the mouse, but I can't find where to turn it off/on and what not. If this community has no solution, I'm sorry to bother.