Like many of you, I've been endlessly frustrated by Home page hijackers, like CoolWWW, Zestyfind, about|blank, about:blank, LopDotCom, and so on. I have tried all of the free "Shredders", "Blasters", "Sweepers", "Bots", and other programs intended to get rid of all of that garbage I DID NOT WANT ON MY COMPUTER!!

None of them worked very well, or for very long.

I discovered and bought a piece of software called GhostSurf Pro from Tenebril.
I've placed an ordering link directly to the company which publishes it at the bottom this site:


If you check that site, read the April 21, 2004 post, and you'll find secure links to lots of free software. I've tried them all, singly, and in every combination, but NOTHING worked until I found Ghost Surf.

If you order GhostSurf from a site other than Tenebril (the publisher of the software), you may be paying for software which contains the very malicious code you are trying to eliminate.

Tenebril sells it for $39.99 - it may seem like a lot, but it is the ONLY program I've found which will get rid of all of the Spyware, Homepage Hijackers, popups, and all of the other garbage we're all trying to get rid of.

It lets you see who is putting things on your PC, and it enables you block them....permanently. It allows you to conceal your IP address so that your surfing habits are private. It allows you to clean your hard drive, memory, and registry of all kinds of malicious stuff.

In the short time I've had it installed, (about 2 weeks) it has blocked 3,364 ads, 14,451 cookies, and 5,254 images. I know that I have not visited more than 100 sites during that time, and none of them were porn sites.........it just shows that people are making money by dumping crap on our computers, otherwise, why would they try so hard to put all of that stuff on our PC's???
I still use Lavasoft's Ad-aware and keep it updated, but since I got GhostSurf, Ad-aware never finds ANYTHING and my home page hasn't changed. I've deleted all of the other free software.

I've seen lots of sites on the internet selling it for less than $39.99. I am very suspicious of sites other than Tenebril which offer to sell Tenebril's own software for less than Tenebril does....it worries me that they may have embedded their own spyware and other trojans, and are taking advantage of our desperate desire to get crap off of our computers, and our desire to get software for free, or at the cheapest possible price.

I was wasting time EVERY day using all of the free programs, trying to get rid of the crap we've all had on our PC's. As soon as I thought I had defeated the problems, they returned within hours and I had a new home page and had to start all over again.

I paid Tenebril $39.99 and now I am in complete control of my PC again. It feels good to say that!

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why not just get spybot search and destroy, lavasofts's ad-aware, hijckthis, and spyware blaster which are all free spyware cleaning and blocking tools. I like spybot S&D more because if you scan at least once a week then you know you always have a lot restore points to choose from when your computer gets messed up. I dont think you should have to pay some company 39.99 to keep spyware under control when if you have the free tools and a little knowledge of your registry you can do it for free.


plus your link mentions the free tools and says if you have problems with those specific spyware bugs that you should switch from IE to Mozilla firefox which i agree with but thats not the point. also with spyware blaster it has a databases of thousands of websites and programs that contain spyware and it blocks them perfectly.

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