hello it gurus....

new here in the forum...

have a question about my pc....i know it's infected with something but can't figure out what it is and how to fix it.....

ok here's the situation...when I browse the net..didn't matter if it's firefox or ie...it has that 3 second delay...the page will load fast but when I point my cursor to a link it takes about 3 second before it turns to a hand (link indicator). Also when browsing any site if i'm scrolling down it seems like the page will freeze for a couple of seconds and then I can continue as normal. Same thing when I'm typing.

This is only true when browsing the net on either browsers. I have limewire recently installed and no antivirus or spyware software.

any ideas??? :rolleyes:

thank you in advance.


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Limewire will give you a lot of spyware etc. plus you need antivirus and spyware protection. You can get it free on the net. If you don't have it you no doubt have tracking cookies and spyware on your computer. also check your registry after you get those virus's off there. www.freeregistryfix.com


thanks for the tip...i ran a couple of spyware removal and some anti-virus.

i'm now using nod32 as an anti-virus.

I uninstalled unused programs and it's working fine now.

thanks again

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