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===Get CCleaner from http://www.ccleaner.com/ - and put it in a new folder. You should aim to keep this one for general use. I set it from the install checkboxes to only open from the recycle bin. It's neater that way.
===Get Adaware SE Personal from http://www.lavasoft.de/software/adaware/
- install it. Update it. Explore what settings you can change in it [via the cogwheel icon up top, if you are comfortable with that... you won't hurt anything, but for the present please run it with the default settings]. Put an icon on your desktop for regular use.
===GET AVG antispyware 7.5 here.. http://free.grisoft.com/doc/5390/lng/us/tpl/v5 -the link is almost at the bottom of the page , avgas Install it and update it.

Now run Ccleaner from the recycle bin rclick menu using its default settings [if you set up CCleaner as i suggested, rclicking the bin icon should give you the Open CCleaner option...]. Select the Cleaner icon and the Windows tab; press Run Cleaner. Now select the Applications tab and Run Cleaner.

Run Adaware, doing a full system scan and finally remove all that it finds [rclick in the scan results window and select all, go next..]. If Adaware finds anything apart from cookies or your MRU list then, after removing those items you should repeat the scan [and removal] and so on until it comes up clean.

Now start AVG a-s 7.5; under Scanner/ Settings set Recommended actions to Quarantine, and run the scan. Save the log file and only NEXT apply all actions. Post the logfile.

If you still have a problem, download hijackthis:
-install it to a new folder alongside your program files.
-in that folder start HijackThis by dclicking the .exe; now close ALL open windows including the explorer window containing HijackThis.
-Click the Scan and Save a Logfile button. Post the log here.

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