i have looked in these forums and have followed this thread http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/thread47663.html and i still have it going on... this is a close up to what is going on [IMG]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b27/Silverflame20/background.png[/IMG]

multiple scans, nothing... so i attempted to have no background at all to see what would happen... in this case a green one and this shows up...http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b27/Silverflame20/76.png and the left side of the of the desktop now shows what you would expect to see in a folder...
i really need some assistance to try and fix this problem

bump... i really need help with this

well i was bored and since no one knew how to fix this, i did some in depth searching (for hours) and found this

1) Hold down the Windows key and press Pause/Break. On the "Advanced" tab,
under "Performance" click "Settings." On the "Visual Effects" tab, make sure
the box "Use drop shadows for icon labels" is checked.

2) Right-click on the Desktop, and make sure that "Arrange Icons by" "Lock
Web items" is not checked.

3) Right-click on the Desktop, and choose Properties. Othe "Desktop" tab,
click "Customize Desktop," then on the "Web" tab, uncheck all boxes.

4) Make sure any Wallpaper is an image file. Html will stop the

and it works : )))))))

well i was bored.....and it works : )))))))

Great stuff! and now you feel that much more satisfied cos there is nothing like doing it all by yourself....
Cheers, g.

maybe i should do it myself more often :P

maybe i should do it myself more often :P

er.. i think that could be off-topic...:eek:

i know, im just excited i did it for myself :D

I had discovered the shadowing on my pc icons and text and tried the right click/ uncheck boxes routines all to no avail, i then checked the connection lead from the monitor to the hard drive and found that to be loose in the socket, pushing it firmly back in cured the shadowing problem. :)

Wow silver23 you are the best this has been driving nuts for months with all my icons highlighted. Thank you so much!!!!

Hey Silver23. Thank you, Thank you very much. I too faced the same problem and I was depressed. That depression made stop working at all. Finally I read your answer and I fixed. Thanks a lot. - Harsha. email: harshamaddur@yahoo.co.in cell#91-9845277895