I have a desktop computer that is running Window XP Media Center and Firefox 2 with a broadband connection. The other day, right in the middle of browsing, it just stopped responding. I tried IE 7 and that was giving me the same error message. "Cannot find DNS Server." I still have an internet connection, and can still use Trillian. Everything else internet-related is not working, including email and the Media Center program guide (the dvr is fine but will not work once 2 weeks have gone by and it cannot renew). My laptop tried to pull the same thing, but the next day it was fine, and is able to use the router connected to the broadband modem. All virus scans come up clean. Is there any advise that anyone can give me? I really want my computer back. And I hate to say this, but please keep in mind that I am only marginally computer literate.


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If you haven't resolved this yet try this Download this file.


Run the Winsockfix first see if it solves your problem if not run the other Batch files just double click them one at a time let each one run only takes a second do each one.


I have no idea what that file is, but whatever it is it did the trick. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the help. The internet is back and running and the Program Guide is downloading new information as I type, so my dvr will continue working for the near future. So, thank you again. Do you know what the problem was and how I can prevent it from happening again? This was too stressful for it to happen on a regular basis.



Some times the winsock (short for Windows Sockets) is a specification that defines how Windows network software should access network services, especially TCP/IP. gets messed up the others just flush your DNS and renews Your DNS (domain name service or domain name server) Same with IP.Save those you never know you may need them again.

As for how it happens all i can say as an answer is as far as windows goes Sh!t Happens! LOL

Sorry couldn't resist.

Just save those files put them on a disc for back up.


I am having the same issue "cannot find DNS server" with my other laptop. I cannot download the file referenced above because I cannot connect to the internet. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


I'll probably get flamed for this but if you can't connect to the internet then how did you post your message? And if you are posting from another computer then why don't you download the needed file from that computer? If you are posting from a cell phone or Blackberry then I suggest you go to a friend's computer and download the file.

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sorry didn't read your entire message. so should I download the file onto a flash drive from this laptop? I guess I didn't think about that!


tried to download the above reference file from my working laptop and received message "requested file not found" Help please!

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