My problem is that my PC refuses to start. When I switch it on I can hear the fans working followed by 3 beeps. I can also confirm that the hard drive's both start to spin, I have 2 hard drives.

However, I receive no information on my monitor. It is as if my monitor is not switched on, although I know for a fact that it is and is in full working order. I have tried exchanging RAM modules positions and installing them individually. Motherload light is ON.

Any ideas as to where the problem may lie.
Please help

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Normally when there are issues with the post you should receive more beeps then 3.

Are you hearing additional beeps? You can search on the MB Manufacture for the BIOS POST BEEP CODES.

I am used to a consecutive beeps. It should give three beeps rapidly then pause then start again. If you are getting this, count how many beeps between each pause.

If you are not, possibly could be the heat sink, or needing additional fans in your tower, since you are running two HDD have you added an additional fan?

RueB 2s De.


i'ts possible that your power supply works badly...I had a similar problem...try to change it and you'll see if it is better...worked at me...'njoy ;)

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