'ello one and all! Have not been around for quite some time! I hope everybody's fine! I have adware6 upon Crunchie's recommendations and it works fantastically!

Now Adware6 has been detecting "Data Miner" but I delete everytime I scan with Adware6. How do I completely prevent this clown from mining?

Recently I have received an e-mail from a listed friend in MSN Messenger but after checking, it is confirmed that the friend did not send the e-mail and I think its linked to a porn site as it was entitled "SEX" with britney"s attachment. AntiVir prevented it from opening but Mcfee let it sail through! How did this happened? And how to prevent future instances?

Help appreciated........thanks


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It's possible that your friend's computer is infected with something.
The *data miner* cookies keep getting re-installed whenever you visit certain sites. To prevent it you can change your cookie options to allow you to decide which cookies can be stored & which ones not.
Go to Internet Options\Privacy\Advanced & place a check in the radio button for *override automatic cookie handling.* Set both to prompt.

Hello Crunchie......nice to hear from you again! I have followed you directions but to no avail.

Anyway the "Data Miner" clown has been around for quite sometime but the MSN problem only cropped up 3 days ago. Anyway its the "Mabutu worm" thing.

Details of the Data Miner..........@promo.match[1].txt.......... and the other is @realmedia[2].txt.......I hope these means something to you.


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Try going to Privacy\Edit in IE options & add the relevant sites to the banned list. The other option I gave should have done it as the cookie cannot be stored with those settings without your ok.

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