hello everyone here, i looked all throughout the web using different search engines trying to find something related to what my problem is, but i couldn't find anything. I found this website and everyone seems helpful so i thought i would give it a shot.

I've got a mouse (has the red light shining out of the bottom, don't know the technical word for it) but since about two weeks ago it hasn't been working properly. it's now incredibly hard to single click, which makes dragging or higlighting near impossible. And if i have multiple internet windows open it will often close 2-3 rather than the single one i am on.

It's making completing any work near impossible now, and iwas just wondering if anyone knew whether it's a virus or simply the mouse breaking? any help is very much appreicated.

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When you say that it is hard to single click do you mean that you single click, and nothing happens, so you try to single click a few times again, and then suddenly something happens?

It might just be your computer that is very slow because it is too busy doing something in the background that you can't see.

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