Course, you do realise that IE7 is just a poor copy of some of the functionality of Firefox, but incorporating many of the faults of earlier IEs.
FF is a copy of Opera.
And with me not using IE7 I am not too sure if much of that is relevant.

Ok, I did that...I think there were 2 or 3 that did not run or weren't found, the rest were fine. I've never used Firefox or any other browser besides IE. I know I have the firefox browser on my pc, and the one time I tried to use it, I waited forever and it never loaded. Another question.....I can only make one copy of my recovery discs from my computer.....if I do that now, are they going to be of any use if I ever have to use them? Also, I use AVG free antivirus.....would I be better off to buy one, rather than just depending on the free one? I was looking at McAfee when I was shopping yesterday, and the price on it was good. I've had Norton before but honestly did not really like it.

Those recovery discs. You must be sure you are clean before making them, with all sys files correct. [should you not make them when fresh outta the box?].
Run CCleaner, then this:
==Please use IE to do an online scan at panda:-
-select a link to the scan... free online virus scan...., enter a valid? email and follow through, choosing My Computer for a full system scan.
Post the log it produces here.
You really should try to run that system file checker though - it replaces any non-std files it finds. Which is why you need that SP2 installation CD. Absolutely no pale-faced kids nearby? Cannot borrow one from a friendly tech? The shop?
[sfc /scannow]
AVG Free. It's what I use, It has been faultless.

I'll run those scans after I get my son off to school. Yes, I should have made the discs as soon as I got the computer. One of those things I kept saying I had to do and just never did unfortunately. I do have a family member who has XP on his computer.....but he is in NC so I will see about that when I go home for the holiday in a few weeks. I'll post those results as soon as I run the scan. Thanks!

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