I just building a computer a while back and until now I havn't needed to use so much security. I am going to college in a few and I am just worried about roomate ( or people I dont know) downloading stuff that will infect my computer, or going through my files. What I need is something that will let me have more control over the XP guest account other than the default setting, so no one can download and view/change thins I dont want them to. Ive been looking out there for a while now and I havn't found anything satisfying. I dont want to enter a password everytime I need to use a program too, so I suppose it should be limited to the Guest account. I dont want to be a "jerk" and not let my buddies use it but you know how all of us our with our computers :mrgreen: . Anyone know of any such software? Thanks for you help!

Start>Settings>Control Panel

Users and Passwords

then you should be able to increase security, set access, groups & passwords
or even remove guest as a user from XP entirely...

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but if your roomate has a knoppix boot disk they own your system anyway when your not there. think security and theyll want it even more. pay attention to cookies and logs. If youre lucky theyll have a better rig than you.. ..and then they can worry about you instead haha

if you wanted to really jack with em, find the nastiest piece of swap meet salvage AT case you can.. then fit the guts of your new system inside
and it doesnt look as attractive and inviting. :mrgreen:

if you share a network connection, dont share your drive(s)

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see I tried going that route but the problem is that it is set to Limited and I cannot uncheck it or make any changes what so ever. I am logged in as total system admin so to me it doesnt make sense. :?: bare with me. So I figure screw it ill just download a program. Actually he doesnt even own a computer and i dont think he ever has so im not counting on hacking, although a slavaged case would look pretty damn cool!

rumor has it of a nice spot of downloadable code called 'delguest' for NT
run it under windows xp in compatibility mode for NT4

these were the first things that popped up for 'delguest sownload' on google.
i cant vouch for em or the sites


-haha crusty cases without covers is all i got.. parts everywhere
well other than my rackmount goodies

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sounds like the word on the street then! ... ill see whats up thanks for your help

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