Just the ot her day I was looking for free downloadable games to play and needless to say I found several and installed them only to find they had spyware/addware included in the exe. The first game is called industryplayer and the other is Wik and the Fable of Souls.

Also if you look for websites for cheat codes for some of the more popular games using http://www.cheatgenius.co.uk/cheatsingame/XBOX_16395_Halo_2_cheats.html as your base address.

Thanks for the heads up-- I'll give that a try. Do you need the actual games installed in order to install the cheats?

Thanks for the heads up-- I'll give that a try. Do you need the actual games installed in order to install the cheats?

You will need to install the games with the exe from wherever you may have downloaded them. The games and the cheats have no corralation with one another.The site for game cheats works with an active-x component that is associated with a popup. By clicking on any of the links on this site you should be able to get BlazeFind (4 objects) and WindUpdates (3 objects).

I did some more investigating on the original game cheat web site and this site is far worse; spyware, adware, and popup adds galore. http://www.captaincode.com/searchall.asp?s=all&q=Halo%202 and if you go to any of the sites at the bottom of this page mentioned above you should be able to get all kinds of crap.

I think both Morpheus (not the paid version) and Kazaa have adware with them. Kazaa is supposed to have a secret (but everyone seems to know about it) program that works like Seti@home and Folding@home to combine spare cycles - they were going to sell the cpu time; I don't know if they kept that in or not.


alc any luck with the spyware yet!

alc any luck with the spyware yet!

Actually, I've been WHOA busy. I still really appreciate the interest here, but I'm still pushing this project further back on the burner. I'm leaving this thread open, though, in case any others need these links as resources.

I dont know if its been said already but KAZZA! and other music things seem to be pretty bad i have an email i use to registar stuff i could send you all the scratch and win junk and other nasties

I downloaded a NO CD crack for FootballManager 05 with BearShare... it came with a really nasty thing called Backdoor.Colfusion

I can't get rid of it!! :mad:

Good luck anyway...

Hello, I have been screwing computers for many years now.
If you are interested in scumware some nastys are.
Comet Cursor-www.cometsystems.com
Edonkey(chose all four ad software to install)www.overnet.com
Edonkey is the best way iv'e found to catch NewDotNet,Webhancer,some dialers it will secretly install,etc.

Look at all the spyware profiles some contain the makers website:)

Hi, I'd also like to know of sites where I can get a test computer infected...would someone be so kind as to post in this thread a list of the possible sites for infection that have been discussed in this thread so far? Thanks!

Anyone posting, please ensure the sites are not active links :). Don't want ppl clicking on them and getting loaded with trash. We have enough to do here :mrgreen:

If you want to get spyware, download SiteAdvisor, do a google search, and then click to every site with a red X next to it in the results list.
You can download SiteAdvisor here

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