OK, my comp is infected with this nasty virus. I don't think its very harmful, but its annying as hell. It's the W32.pinfi virus... and my norton AntiVirus 2004 PRO...(PRO, yeah right) can't remove it... Norton gets all the other files, but there is a .tmp file that seems invincible. Nothing has access to it, I can't delete it, and if I have norton autoprotect on, it keeps nagging about the same damn file without being able to do anything with it at all...

I just formatted today, I thought I would get rid of it, but as stupid as I am, I copied in some files and stuff from cd's I burnt before I formatted... I must have got that virus again that way... lol

Anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I just decided to format over agian, and install norton anitvirus FIRST, then hopefully prevent any virus fron entering my system... If I still get the virus, I'm gonna try that removal procedure symantec suggested.

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