Hello all, I am trying to figure out a particular pop-under I have been getting recently, but have not been able to find anything via search to answer the question. Unfortunatley the computer in question is set so that new programs cannot be installed so I cannot run the utility to provide that report, so I am hoping it may be something simple others may know about.

When using IE, I have received a pop under titled "Monitor". Clicking on the pop under to bring it forward does not work, it immediatley brings the original window to the front again. Likewise, if I close the original window, clicking on the pop under (from the task bar since the window does not appear on the desktop) it will not make it viewable, but I can right click and close it (only options from right click are minimize and close).

The window first appeared last week when doing a search on orbitz (window appears after starting a specific hotel search). I was able to recreate the pop-under by taking the exact same flow and it popped at the same step again. Today I got it on msnbc after clicking the Business link from the main page. Hitting the back button this time was different in that the previously non viewable pop under (again with the title "monitor") became visible with a "Please take our survey" ad.

Does anyone know if this is a spyware item or simply an ad technique that these two sites have recently employed? I am trying to find out it there is actually a problem with spyware or if it can be attributed to a particular ad type.


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It seems to be a rather harmless bit of spyware because when I visit those two site and click the links you are talking about no pop-under window comes up. Just to be safe could you run HiJackThis and post the log here. Thank you. :)

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