Hi Guys

Just a quick question about something that has been bothering me for some time now. When I am on the internet, using a secure wireless connection, sometimes not all the time, when I am clicking from one page to another, my 'one' click turms into 2,3 or even sometimes 4 or so clicks? Or I may be reading txt on the page I am on and a 'click' comes from no where? This has been going on for months and there doesnt seem to be any sign of intruders at all.

Im confused...is this something I should be worreid about?

Thanking you!! :)

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ive had this before but it went away after a while. The pc in question was regularly scanned for viruses and spyware and nothing ever came up


It most likely is an IE bug because I also had the same problem and when I switched to Firefox it disappeared completely.


Check out your Temp folder and see if you have any of those icons that look like normal .EXE files but are slanted and smaller with a turquoise bar across the top of the icon instead of Blue. I have found that when I get that funny iexplorer.exe something is trying to open and close hidden windows which makes that clicking noise. Deleting any of those "not quite right" .exe icons and stopping the program listed with that icon has nipped the problem for me. I have been told it is a form of spyware that mimicks known system executables. I myself would like to know where they come from in the first place

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