I recently had my PC infected by a lot of nasty stuff.

I both had the "your computer is infected" popups, the missing Control panel and more.

I have tried a lot of the advise in this forum, but nothing helped. I managed to get rid of the popups by running StarupRun and disable Winther.exe and some other stuff.

I also found som Registry editing scripts that I could paste into the Run-menu, which gave me my control panel back, but "Add or Remove programs" and "internet options" among others were still blocked" (I got the "this option has been blocked by the system administrator" pop-up).

When I ran AVG it found 5 high risk threats, but after a quarantine I still had problems.

When I couldn't think of anything else - I ran a System Recovery dating back a month from now, and so far, I haven't had any problems...

But... my question is: Is this a bad way to get rid of a virus. I guess it is still in here somewhere - or what?

yeah viruses tend to live in the system restore area (as its the one place a lot of virus scanners cant get into usually)