Remember those X-Ray Specs you could order as a kid from the newspaper classifieds that promised the ability to see through clothes to the undergarments below? I do, and I can report that they most certainly did not work - much to my disappointment as a 10 year old kid.

Well it appears that now a British developer has come up with a camera that does work, and that can see under clothes from a distance of 25 meters away.

The T5000 ThruVision camera is, of course, destined for anti-terror and security usage rather than to satisfy the juvenile desires of young boys, but is interesting none the less.

It works by using passive image technology to detect natural electromagnetic rays, also known as T-rays, that are emitted by objects.

If my memory serves me correctly; there was a story recently where garments worn by celebritys - when hit with high volumes of bright & short bursts light, i.e camera flashes. Can appear to be translucent instead of opaque. The level of translucency depends entirely on the garment. Think it was on Discovery channel few years ago as well.

Dazza :cool: