Hell has either frozen over or there was a very cold day in July when Microsoft announced at OSCON that they are now giving money to The Apache Software Foundation (ASF). Microsoft joined rivals Yahoo and Google as Platinum Sponsors of the ASF.

This money will help pay administrators and programmers and help with day-to-day expenses. The ASF is pleased to get this large infusion of cash from Microsoft.

"We thank Microsoft for their generous sponsorship that goes towards supporting The Apache Software Foundation and the over 60 top level projects in use and development within the ASF," said ASF Chairman Jim Jagielski. "The ASF Sponsorship program is an excellent way for companies and organizations to show their commitment and enthusiasm towards the ASF and The Apache Way, and helps to ensure that highly innovative, freely-available and community-based/consensus-developed software can continue to flourish and thrive within one of the most successful and respected communities in Open Source. Microsoft's sponsorship makes it clear that Microsoft 'gets it' regarding the ASF."

Ok, I too would appreciate the money but methinks this snake may be hiding its fangs.My spider senses are tingling. I'm sorry to be so cynical when it comes to Microsoft's commitment to open source or Linux. Everything comes with a price and I think we should graciously accept the money but realize that Microsoft may be leveraging some future favors here too.

Alternatively, maybe Microsoft is following the rest of the OS world in converting to an open source model. The Midori project may be just what we've all been clammering for--an open source OS from Microsoft. Perish the thought!

As Tim Gunn (Project Runway) would say, "This worries me." I am going to remain skeptical until I see more proof of their dedication to open source instead of its eventual demise. I have the feeling that on this frosty summer day that Microsoft adopted the old Mafia habit of keeping its friends close and its enemies closer.

Much coverage for so little content. That's what I see on all this blogging about Microsoft donating a mere $100.000, which it barely will cover the year-salary of one full time developer.
As far as Microsoft goes they got their money worth times over in PR and exposure value.

only 100k hmmm they do have something up there sleave if it was a million then i would rewrite the article with thoughts of needing people to write software for there microsoft surface product and other things which they are planning on doing. But 100k is a start.

GOOD JOB MICROSOFT make others feel warm and tingly as we enter the world of technology advancements that seem futuristic. :D

The money donated is not a one-shot. Being a Platinum Sponsor is an ongoing financial commitment. If I had a company that was supported by donations, I would be very happy with $100K.

Are there any $100K+ developer jobs around? I want one. The company I work for offshores those jobs.

Might as well, after the failure of Vista to win fans over. Maybe this is some surrender tactic with future hopes of a WAMP buyout. Surrender your source code, if you want it to run on Windows. Apache will always dominate the web. We don't need a fancy gui, an overpriced host, or a bunch of .net bs running in the background. No thanks, Micro$oft.

Buddylee17 said,

"Apache will always dominate the web. We don't need a fancy gui, an overpriced host, or a bunch of .net bs running in the background. No thanks, Micro$oft."

You are truly my protege and I couldn't have said it better myself.