The ominous 13th entry in my ongoing Crystal Ball Sunday series highlights a somewhat controversial and oft misunderstood computing space known as Cloud Computing. As I explained in my I'm Smarter Than Larry Ellison entry, Cloud Computing allows applications to be hosted in leveraged environments such that you neither know nor care where they're coming from.

Linux's place in Cloud Computing is, or should be, obvious: It is a cheap, viable Operating System that can be customized for any purpose--Cloud Computing being one of its easy triumphs. Linux is adept at serving applications either as a virtual host Operating System or as a primary application host. And for SaaS (Software as a Service) applications, its commodity status promotes it into front runner status in those Cloud Computing Data Centers.
Can you imagine using 5,000 Windows Servers in your Data Center to deliver applications? What would your customers have to pay for that service in order for you to make a profit or for them to afford it? Do those same calculations with no Operating System cost attached.

My prediction for this Sunday is that the future of Cloud Computing and SaaS, as well as XaaS (Anything as a Service), depends on Linux and its specific development for Cloud-based applications and services. Linux will be the choice for future Cloud development and implementation.

Cloud Computing, using Linux of course, will be the basis for a gaggle of new SaaS-oriented companies that will result in the inevitable failures, consolidations, and eventual meteoric success of the survivors whose names will no doubt become as familiar and commonplace to us as Coke and Kleenex.

Cloud Computing and Corporate Culpability

Re: Cloud Computing Security Risks and Accountability for Loss of Data, Breach of Privacy and Other Violations

I am not a lawyer. I don't play one on television. And after my last divorce, I have no motivation to further enrich any member of the legal profession. Nevertheless, my first and best advice to any American business executive considering "cloud computing", "SaaS" or "PaaS" as cost-cutting solutions in recessionary times is GET THEE TO AN ATTORNEY!

Regardless of who wins the White House next Tuesday--Oblabla and the Mouth, or Geezer and Gidget--and no matter what remuda of Republocrats controls our Congress thereafter, the recently exposed excesses of Wall Street's Bonus Buccaneer CEOs guarantee increased scrutiny and accountability for executives at all levels and in all arenas, including and perhaps especially that of the CIO. In such a charged political environment, any harm, damage, loss or breach of HIPAA or other privacy mandates attributable to corporate decisions to outsource sensitive information for bottom-line benefit is likely to have repercussions that go far beyond reversing any perceived savings. And when time comes for the ax to fall in the boardroom--or worse, the gavel in the courtroom--rest assured that your cries to blame the Data Manager in Mumbai will fall on deaf ears.

Bruce Arnold, Miami Web Designer

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