Just like the subject says... how the heck do you take screenshots in Linux? lol

there are programs that will grab your screen ... other than that, i don't remember whether the print screen key works or not

The gimp. goto file-->acquire---->screen shot :P

The gimp. goto file-->acquire---->screen shot :P

...or if you have ImageMagick installed, all you have to do is type:

import -window root wholescreen.jpg
to grab the entire screen, or:

import window.jpeg and then click a window you want captured.

If you're not sure whether you have ImageMagick installed, type any of the above commands just to see if they respond, or type in "man import" for help/instructions on usage.

*old thread* doh!

Yeah...old thread but they forgot to mention Ksnapshot in KDE :P Dunno if they were looking for shell snapshots or GUI.

in KDE i had Ksnapshot mapped to the PrintScreen Button; it's somewhere in the controls.

Scrot is nice because you can put a delay on it
scrot -dc 10

All these messages and no one mentioned old reliable xv :op