I've been in and out of Linux for a while know, that last installation I used was SuSe, not happy.... the bast I've used was Red Hat 9. I need something to work with Apache and MySQL AND Oracle... of course, it has to be free. I tried this choose that ALWAYS suggest Mandriva, and in an "Also Suggest" list was Fedora. I always liked Red Hat, so, but I had problems with Core 2 and 3. What is the best suggestion here...

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SuSe 10.0 has all the stuff you need. Fedora Core 5 is also out. I'd say either one of those is good to go.

SuSe being the best that there is right now though...and the price is right...it's free for the full version on both of those distros


Mandriva is not exactly free. All the good stuff about Mandriva is for those who join the Mandriva Club. So its $60+ per year. If I were you I would check out Ubuntu and Debian, as they are free as free beer.


SuSe Linux 10.X is free. The community version is the full version. Enterprise software from SuSe isn't free. But the Linux destkop is.

Currently, I can think of no other destkop that is more professional or well rounded as SuSe.

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