I belong to an organization which provides comprehensive legal services across 250 offices. We serve many established and early stage clients who work at creating innovative new products and services in the software and internet industries. To create intellectual property and protection is a major priority for our clients, for which we need a safe way to interact with new software applications and internet solutions without introducing security risks to their work computer.

Could you please suggest an appropriate solution for the same?
Thanks in advance.

You can try for some virtual machine that can evaluate new software applications and is capable of browsing the web safely. Using such VM on the main machine, would enable to run one or more separate virtual machines.

I hope this helps.

Right, by doing so, you can safely evaluate new software applications and browse the internet without introducing threats to their work computers from software still in development or from online malware.

You can install and run software applications in VM to evaluate features and functionality without risk of operating system or application compatibility or stability issues with their work computer. Using some complete PC environment, including operating system and applications, get the true end-user experience from each application.

That’s true. But also suggest some “complete PC environment, including operating system and applications”, as you said. As far as I have searched, dint found any such comprehensive solution available in the market.

Well, you can adopt MokaFive Live PCs with the help of which the Trademark attorneys can safely go online to any web site to stay current on intellectual property issues that may be important to their clients. They can even browse websites anonymously by using a LivePC created with special anonymity capabilities, such as the freely available “Fearless Browser” LivePC from MokaFive.

Visit the website at:

I visited the website. MokaFive has an impressive technology that seems to be easy to use and apprehend. Could you please explain in a bit more detail how could we be benefitted if we try the solution provided by MokaFive.